What Else?

1. Dont Shop – Adopt a pound rescue dog, puppy, cat or kitten and give them a second chance at a happy life. Go to the Bahamas Humane Society and see all the beautiful animals awaiting homes.

2. Foster – Foster a young puppy or kitten or an older dog that needs some extra TLC

3. Walk a rescue dog at the Bahamas Humane Society. This helps to socialise dogs and makes them easier to adopt. Contact the Humane Society directly on 323-5138 to organise walking/socialising.

4. Spay or Neuter your dog or cat to prevent unwanted litters. Encourage your friends and family to do the same. We are offer financial assistance to those who cannot afford the cost, please contact info@baarkbahamas.org or call 427-SPAY (7729)

5. Become a Stray Buster – if you want to get right in on the action and help our team go out into the streets, trap and pick up stray dogs we’d love you to help. Contact info@baarkbahamas.org and tell her when you’re free.

6. Travel – there is a wait list of people wanting to adopt potcakes in Canada and various places around the US if you are travelling from Nassau into either of these places and can take a puppy with you please get in touch. Someone will meet you at the airport both ends.

7. Become a Corporate Sponsor of Baark! Please email sarah@baarkbahamas.org for more information.

8. Volunteer – we have many ways in which you can help depending on your skills and free time, please contact sarah@baarkbahamas.org