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Baark! has the following products available for purchase, they are a fun way to show your support and also great gifts for fellow animal loving family and friends.

If you would like to buy any of Baark! merchandise or if you have questions about the products, please email

Every purchase helps our programs to reduce the number of stray and suffering animals on our streets – thank you for your support !


T Shirts

kids-shirtsm   tanksm   cat-shirtsm dog-shirtsm
$15 each and available in a variety of colours and sizes



Tervis Tumblers and Goblets

Baark Tervis Tumbler

Tumbler- great for hot and cold drinks, non breakable. $25 for the cup, $5 for the lid (optional).Available in orange, pink , blue or purple


Goblet – Perfect for wine on the beach or to take to your favourite bar! $30 each













Potcakeman Tervis Tumblers and Caps

Potcakeman Tervis

Potcakeman Tumbler, non breakable. $25

Potcakeman Cap

Potcakeman Cap, $25 each












Moondrop Epoch Bracelets

Customized orders will be taken from May












Silicone Wrist Bands

Baark wrist bands

Cool purple wrist bands sporting the Baark! Message says “for a humane Bahamas”. $2 for youth size, $3 adult bands













Baark Pens and Magnets

new baark magnet

Baark magnet. Add onto your fridge or car. $10 each

Baark pens

Baark Pens. Be funky – write in purple! $2 each