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Q. I’d like to participate but don’t have a bike.
A. No worries, contact Maria from Cycles Unlimited, click the picture below for the website.
Cycles Unlimited

Q) Are wetsuits allowed during the swim?

A) No! The water is warm enough in the Bahamas to swim without a wetsuit

Q) Is this a good race for my first triathlon?

A) Yes! The triathlon race field will be small enough not to feel overwhelmed for a first timer. Remember, you don’t have to win you just have to tri ! Check out Beginner Triathlete for some training tips.

Q) Are helmets required for the bike?

A) Yes – safety first!

Q) Will there be water aid stations?

A) Yes one at the swim exit and 6 during the run course. Powerade and Dasani water will be available at all of them.

Q) What should I bring with me on race day?

A) Here is a printable list to make sure you bring everything you’ll need on the day of the race Checklist

Q) Is drafting allowed?

A) No drafting is not allowed, whilst on the bike you must keep at least 3 bikes lengths between you and the person in front. If you are passing you have 15 seconds to complete the pass. Please allow faster competitors to pass and do not block. If you are caught drafting you will face a time penalty.

Q) Are time trial bikes allowed in the race?

A) Yes they are

Q) Can you refund my entry?

A) Unfortunately no. All of the money raised from this event goes towards Baark’s spay/neuter programs in the Bahamas.

Q) I want to do a relay but don’t have a team.

A) Please contact the event organizers who will put you in touch with other people looking to be part of a relay team.

Q) I don’t want to / can’t register online

A) Please email sarah@baarkbahamas.org for a paper registration form. This will need to be filled in and brought, along with the registration fee to one of the event organizers in person before the end of March.

Q) Are headphones / iPods allowed?

A) They are only allowed on the run course. They are prohibited from the bike and is a DISQUALIFICATION offense. No exceptions