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The Baark! Blog

Nassau Village Clinic February 2019

Calling out the big guns! Since we were in Nassau Village in February I haven't been able to stop thinking about all the dogs and cats we did NOT get to! We really want to host a clinic in the community in April but first, we need to raise $13,000 to cover the cost -...

Feb 2019 – Nassau Village MASH Clinic

Check out this amazing video put together by Leanne & Gerlinde for Baark! This showcases our work at the Lindsay Panning & Toby Hull Foundation Nassau Village MASH Clinic we hosted in February 2019.

Gerlinde & Leanne Vlog #8

Leanne and Gerlinde worked super hard the entire month! Luckily they carved out a bit of time to enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas! <3

Leanne & Gerlinde Vlog #6

Check out the rest of their adventure in Georgetown. Complete with a visit to Chat & Chill with the Sting rays! ๐Ÿ™‚

Gerlinde & Leanne Vlog #5

Gerlinde and Leanne went to Georgetown Exuma with Dr. Hanson to help at the BHS Clinic in Georgetown.