“I contacted your organization, about the dilemma we were facing, with stray cats in Nassau East South. One cat took up residence in the garage of the home in which I live and her presence attracted three male strays. As a result, she had eight kittens. They are now adults. The three male strays were constantly attacking and mating with the other cats. Most of them got pregnant.
I was put in touch with Aliya Carey, who assisted us with getting the cats spayed and neutered. I have to admit I was reluctant at first to want the cats back but Aliya when came, she assessed the situation, and told us that is was Baark’s policy to return cats after neutering. She explained if not reproducing stray cats could actually be good for a community, they help make sure no rats are in the area. All of the cats were not caught at once. Aliya had to make several trips. Because of her determination and patience, she was able to trap all nine cats, along with one of the wild male strays.
My gratitude and appreciation goes out to your organization, and in particular, Aliya, and the vets who took time to collect the cats and transport them in their vehicles, to the clinic, where they were spayed and neutered. Since then the cats have been a lot less of a nuisance in the area, much quieter and as Aliya predicted no rats either.
Your organization is invaluable and a Godsend. I know this is not an easy task. You are certainly making a difference. Much thanks to you and your organization for the unselfish assistance you give to the community and in turn, the country.”

Kim H



“Hi Laura it was nice to see you the other day, I have been meaning to thank you and Baark! for your help with the wild cats in the neighborhood, my cats can actually go out of the house again without being beat up so we are all very happy. You guys are awesome!”

Andrew Berlanda