"Baark’s Mission is to carry out spay/neuter and education projects to reduce the homeless animal population and end the suffering of dogs and cats in The Bahamas. "

Spay and Neuter leads to a happier and healthier animal population

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Help us spay and neuter more animals in the Bahamas by supporting our fun events. From triathlons and sports activities to bake sales and the best parties on the island! Every cent goes towards animals in need so come along, have fun and make a difference at the same time.

1. Low income families can take part in our $10 Dog Spay for the whole of May. Cat Guardians can also get their cats spayed or neutered FREE on 17 May

2. The Potcakeman Super Sprint Relay. June 21st 2015. A fun warm up to start the triathlon season, Swim 200m, Bike 6k, Run 1 mile

3. PotcakeMan Triathlon – 2 September 2015

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