"Baark’s Mission is to carry out spay/neuter and education projects to reduce the homeless animal population and end the suffering of dogs and cats in The Bahamas. "

Spay and Neuter leads to a happier and healthier animal population

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Donate online from anywhere in the world with GlobalGiving and help Baark! become eligible for bonus awards of up to $3000! To qualify for an award we must raise $3000 ourselves in December from at least 30 unique donors.

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Fantastic Silent Auction

Tis the season to give and what better way to help Baark! and buy some wonderful and unique Christmas presents; either for a loved one or treat for yourself ! Photos and descriptions of each item in can be found on our Facebook Page, bidding is open until midnight December 15th.

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This month’s spay and neuters are being sponsored by:



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